Move It - Cliff Richard feat Brian May and Brian Bennett

Come on pretty baby, lets move it and groove it
Well a shake-a baby shake, oh! honey please dont lose it.

Its rhythm that gets you heart and soul
Let me tell you baby; its called rock anroll.

They say, its gonna die: oh! honey bee lets face it;
They just dont know whats-a goin to replace it.

Ballads and calypsos, theyve got nothing on real
Country music that drives along.

Come one honey, move it
Well, lets move
Well, move it

The new second verse:

Come on pretty baby lets move it an a groove it
Dance honey dance baby please dont lose it
Cos all over town theres a brand new beat
An its hangin in the air like the mississippi heat
Fireflies in the night an bullfrogs croakin
Well here comes the train an boy is she smokin
Headed out from new orleans n clear to l.a.
Ya better get ready its a brand new day

Honey move it

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