Santa's List - Cliff Richard

Come rest you merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay.
Lay down your swords and fight no more
For the sake of Christmas Day.

A Saviour came down to this earth
To show us, every one
How to live in harmony
Together under the sun.

Beyond the dark horizon
Lies a far more bountiful land
Void of all starvation
For every woman and man.

* So reach out from the wilderness
And pray to Heaven above
A future lies in wait for us
A world united in love.

** We don't need a Merry Christmas
We don't need a Happy New Year,
The only wish on Santa's list
Is that one-day there will be
(Peace on this earth)

Through the valleys
Over the hills
Church bells echo this sound
Whispers travelling through the trees
Over the snow covered ground.

Spread the message far and wide
So every one can hear
Hope flies down on Angel wings and banishes every tear.

[Repeat **]

Grant us one wish
No more pain or sorrow.
Hear us, help us
Build a new tomorrow.

[Repeat * , ** , **]

No more tears or pain at Christmas
No more children living in fear
The only wish on Santa's List
Is that one-day there will be.
One day there will be.
One day there will be
Peace on this earth.

Grant us our wish this Christmas.

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