The Radio Story - Clinic

It was only after he made her acquaintance
That it occurred to him
Maybe this was beyond the bounds of possibility

Henrey saw her each morning
A superior mirage from the future
His hastily scribbled down phone number
Was received with the wry smile, no rebuff

They met at Waring Street, dusk
The car still on that homeward drive
And his heart pounding ashamedly

She arrived averting her eyes
That she expected to able to join him
Teen of Yorkshire gammon
Sweet potato mash
Duck eggs and a smile

Her gaze met his
Their hands lightly brushing
As he reached for the check
Do you remember when life was ecstasy?

The hotel room was bleak
But he hardly noticed as she took control
Her fingers deftly undoing the b_ttons
On his borrowed shirt

No noise except the buzz of the overhead light
And their breathing
Eyes closed
Dark hair thrown back in wild abandon

She whispered the national anthem
As he sank into her
She tasted a Remy ma tongue
An ancient rhyme

Hours of frantic lubricious coupling
Render them physically spent
Falling into a deep profound comatose sleep
Only waking days later
When the letter was delivered

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