Enter Entirely - Cloud Nothings

I thought I knew a way to be
But I'm not right here
Been out on a limb because I'm out of my mind
But it's fine

I've had a lot of time alone, disintegrating
Watching all of the hours with a bottle of wine
What a life

I couldn't see a way to go
I'm scared by feeling
Just somebody alive ignoring all of the signs
That it's time

To make a repair of surroundings
To take a car out to the sea
With nothing ever in the shadows
And in nothing I believe

And now the lights are turning on
My mind has fallen

And taken everything it knows
About belonging

There's someone I would like to be if I could be but
The path is frightening
So when I fall away then I would like to see
I enter entirely

My world looks like I had only dreamed
Cutting up pieces of life and reality
I thought I knew what I could be
And now I'm there
And when I think about the time
I start to see again

Moving on but I still feel it
You're just a light in me now

We're moving on but I still feel it
You, you're just a light in me now

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