Only For You - Code Red

I've been waiting just for a chance to make you notice me
May sound crazy but I, I know just what you need

A little bit of talk, a little bit of smile
A little bit of fun, a little bit of laughter
Just a little old fashioned love

Chorus :
I'd swim the ocean deep only for you
A guardian angel while you sleep only for you
I'd walk a hundred thousand miles to make you smile
Whatever it takes I'll do (only for you)

Just for you

Are you with me girl, are you listening?
I want you with me girl but I'm not insisting
I know it's funny after all this time
I'm letting you know what's on my mind all the time

A little bit warmth, a little bit of wine
A little bit of dine, whatever comes after
It's all about us


Only for you, I'd steal a star out of the sky
Only for you, I'd take a gamble with my life
Anything you want from me
Girl it's you I aim to please
My love for you is guaranteed

For you

[Chorus] x 3

Just for you

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