Yesterday Is Gone - Cool Hand Luke

Yesterday I said something I really shouldn?t say
I know you?re watching every move I make
I?ve turned around but now I?m right back where I started from

The other day to make up for all my past mistakes
I know there?s gonna be a price to pay
As long as I know God?s with me everything is gonna be OK

If things start to turn around
I know I can?t forget my past
With the help of a loving grace
I?ve just got to make sure everything?s alright

Now I know you?re hearing every word I say
I never meant to hurt you in any way
I know my actions hurt but please allow me one more chance

And today I can?t admit that there?s nothing wrong
But I know I?ve dealt with this for far to long
To tear me down I know I?m right back where I started from

Yesterday is gone

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