Walk Away - Corrinne May

Hey girl, what is the matter you're crying your heart out again
Don't lie girl, this was not some accident, your bruises they give you away.
Your face sighs in shades of purple, your eyes a story of pain
Walk away, you're worth more than he'll ever realize, baby walk away.
Spare yourself this pain cant you see that he's not worth it?
You're not mean to be treated this way, baby walk away.
You say that you really love him, you say that he'll notice someday
But your face still sighs in the purple, your eyes tells a story of shame, walk away
You're worth more than he'll ever realize baby walk away, spare yourself this pain,
Cant you see that he's not worth it?
You've been waiting for his love for so many years
well girl, you may not live to see that day.
baby walk away. your not meant to be treated this way.
baby walk away. baby walk away. baby was away.

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