I'll Beat Yo Azz - Crime Mob

[M.I.G] I'll beat yo azz
[Princess] I'll beat azz
[M.I.G] I'll beat yo' azz
[Princess] I'll beat yo' azz
[M.I.G] I'll beat yo' azz my n_gga

[Verse 1- M.I.G]

I'll beat da brakes off a n_gga,
If he thinkin' dat he realer,
then dis 6 feet 4, I'm da giant out da river,
I deliver all da hitz,
teach u how to talk dat sh_t,
I'm da one who got theze n_ggaz screamin ellenwood b_tch,
chrome to ya face, everlastin' like a yate,
Put them hands on dat n_gga,
gon' and get him out my way,
It's okay, you can stay
In yo place where you'll be found,
from da club to da lot, see how M.I.G get down.


[Verse 2- Killa C]

Stop all dat yappin' b_tch,
back da f_ck up off of me,
U gon' b da 1 to fire up my f_ckin' killin' spree,
favorite numba 7, them them dayz dat I be stackin cheese,
Callin' me da leader of dis crucial last army,
My n_gga u swearin u hoein talkin sh_t
I'm maintaini' da ana,
look at my muthaf_ckin gun, it looks like Tony Matana's,
Bag back n_gga and give me 50 feet,
M.O.B off in dis b_tch and we beat dat azz 2 sleep.

[Verse 3- Lil' Jay]

Wassup wit ya? f_ck n_gga
bag da f_ck up fo' I swing wit my fist,
U want it come get it, I got it you know it
so stop when I pop I ain't takin no sh_t,
I stay wit my n_ggaz so grimy
and don't try to dime me or climb me or talkin trash,
off in da club f_ck n_gga wat?
I swing ya myself and I'll beat yo lil' azz,
Come wit da click and we get da sh_t,
and we beat them n_ggaz at don't give a f_ck
Stop all dat hatin b_tch u be fakin,
step on dat station and get yo azz stuck,
ready to buck, ready to ride
crunk in da club and my crew be outside,
Yo head Ima bash, I stood up and thrash,
so let it be known dat lil Jay beat yo azz.


[Verse 4- Phsyco B]

U don't want no problems
cuzz I'll have to solve 'em,
U don't wanna dance wit theze pants
cuzz I'll drop 'em,
Phsyco B gon rock ya and crush ya like heavy weight,
I'll stray ya off like master hit yo azz when u violate,
Cuzz this here ain't no game, ya'll ain't ready we too buck,
theze cowards are too crucial and too brutal for you bro'ah,
so if u got some ana and u feel u stand a chance,
u met da right n_gga dat will knock u out ya stash.

[Verse 5- Princess]

Watch yo back when I hit da door,
U think dat Im playin gamez,
Man I'm here to take out u hoez and bust shots dat pist. through yo brain,
we carrying deadly thangs, I'm known for correctin lamez,
Come test me Im ready, Its gon be hectic off in dis cage,
M.O.B dat be my click, knock down hoez for talkin sh_t,
Now know yo' azz gon' get hit,
Thats da price for poppin quick,
don't hate me for makin cash,
Im da best would u want surpass?
Don't think dat Im scared to blast,
cuzz I'll bust and beat all ya'll azz.

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