If You Got Ana - Crime Mob

If you got Ana well n_gga lets go!
Boy u dont want it cuz i am to crunk!
When we get throwed we dont give a f_ck!
Blastin at s_ckaz dat try to catch us!

[1st Verse (CycoPlack)]
Triple filitation,aint no hesitation for my click
If a n_gga got that Ana im snappin like cocoa, pirhana or pit
N_ggas be buckin n talkin dat sh_t,im split his f_cken wig
Homocide is on my mind,all your dreams i shatter it
lyrically i am the law,f_ck wit me i am to raw
bustin wit my nina ross,bout to get me f_ckin
you gone need the law your honor,judge your jury im the boss
im beef us all n if you scared of me you know you lost
Aint no ho's off in dis sh_t,you gone choke off in dis b_tch
If you got some Ana imma rip the skin off you b_tch!

[Chorus (repeat 4 times)]

[2nd Verse (Soja G)]
If you got Ana well n_gga wuz up!
Boy u dont want it cuz i am to crunk
When we get throwed we dont give a f_ck
Blastin at s_ckaz that try ta dis us
Security dont rush,so n_gga step up
We be so deep that you run outta luck
You think that we playin try it n_gga
But i bet ya are whole row buck
Come to da mall we be to deep
Crucifix comin we bow to yo feet
Any damn s_cka any damn busta
any damn fake or dumb mutha f_cka
You betta be ready before you get got
Me n my click gone make yo ass drop
In my chamber chain reactions happen when you step to me
Blastin at you s_ckaz i dont bite no causin tragedy
If you want a casuaulty Crime M.O. f_ckin B.
We gone bring artillery while swervin in dat SUV

[Chorus (repeat 4 times)]

[3rd Verse (Lil Jay)]
If you got Ana then i gotta problem
With it its my men then we'll come in solvem
Fixin ta out wit dat sh_t you be talkin
Keep all dat buckin you will not be walkin
Who are deez n_ggas dats thinkin dey hard
Who are deez n_ggas out pullin dey cards
Who are deez n_ggas dat fall to dey knees n holdin dey stomachs when my bullets spark
N_gga just holla i piss on yo body
Haven Wood area peep out dey posse

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