Put Yo Hands up - Crime Mob

(Let's gone run it) Dj Montae
what's up what's up n_ggaz
this Dj Desart South
number 1 muf_ckin' Dj Right

still runnin wit that goddamn oompcamp puttin this thang down
in the muf_ckin' streets of the A
but you know what (don't put yo hands up n_gga that a get ya ass knock out) I got some new n_ggas
sum new street n_ggaz ready to do this thang right we gone gone ahead and load em up one time
checking in crime mob for ya motherf_ckin ass
put ya mutherf_ckin' hands up n_gga

[Killa C]
i suggest that you not come my way if you don't want trouble man the out comes gonna be ugly when these hands meet yo
f_ckin face the concept of the matter it's the state that we runnin sh_t n_ggas who think opposite get wet up wit no
hesitant f_ck b_tch and you gone see me act a fool f_ck 12 rounds n_gga n_gga f_ck some rules it's time to pay yo f_ckin
dues bustin heads is what we do b_tch go get yo f_cking crew and we will destroy you hoes wit joy cause that is what we do
(what we do)

pop pop pop i'm in drop top i'm on yo block u best be ready you can catch me i won't let you we to deadly for you hoe
check my statess i'm the baddess cock it back and let you have it 14 carrorts that i'm packing when i'm blasting at you
bastards i'm yo master b_tch i'm Diamond quit yo whinnin let's be i entertwine wit the finest and i'm buckin wit that
steel don't make me hit i'll come get you if there's issuses i'll come solve em knockin' b_tches heads off cuz i'm hard to
f_ckin swallow

don't put yo hands up n_gga that a get yo asss knock out
don't put yo hands up n_gga that a get yo ass knock out (don't make me hit em)
beat a n_gga to the flo until he f_ckin pass out

[Psyco Black]
n_gga stop all that buckin fo u get yo head busted b_tch you thank that i'm playin you come outside an i'm bustin fat ass
bullets be rushing an they gone rip u like tissue
stop the runnin i'm gunnin ani't no way they gone miss u M.O.B. dem my n_ggaz and when we come we come hella deep we
stompin yo ass sleep we stay on the deadly creep in the club we be V.I.P. u tryin to 2 be like me u wanna f_ckin swang but
u got check by security

[Lil' Jay]
yeah i'm Lil' Jay an i feel no man from the crime mob that's known to throw hands n_gga we can hold the own in our land
sh_t u can't bear 2 where you can't stand swang wit a pipe b_tch n_gga this some tight sh_t put yo hands up this my
playground here u don't stay round n_gga we a spray round n_gga u'll get stuck u'll get knock down straight 2 tha flo
n_gga u'll die u tried to mo filled wit a skill the trill to kill hoes n_gga we the clique that's thick and make doe take
yo sh_t an flip an make mo yeah my street 2 deep an will swang knock down all u hoes that hate me and take them n_ggas out
the damn game


yeah hey dar n_gga u don't wanna get slap you throwin up the wrong set it looka like a axe i oun play nann day so u betta
bag back think twice for you start takin all year gap knockin n_ggas down till they about more everybody ready n_gga don't
jump stupid n_ggas talk sh_t but i bet cha they won't do it got a gat up in my trunk i ani't neva scared 2 use it u know a
b_tch gone pop so you know i'm gone loose it beat her ass till f_ckin pass out a toothless b_tch cuz she got stomp out
who's the sh_t i bet you won't pop now abuse a b_tch cuz i oun really give a f_ck pricess yeah hoes that's me don't test
me nun cuz i'll make ya ass see that io'm the best but hoe don't hate me

ah f_ck f_ck that sh_t i ani't playin no b_tch loading choppers when i do an go an toss u in a ditch i been ready fo
this sh_t never been worried bout no trick givin a dame she on my d_ck ready 2 do sum gangsta sh_t don't put yo hands up
shot to chin gone damage ya right to left 2 left 2 right gone stand ya p_ssy ass up n_gga don't make me hit em if i'm in
the club then i'm gone get em get up out my face i don't f_ck wit em b_tch n_gga don't make me hit em watch me get em

dj montae

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