Rock Yo Hips - Crime Mob

Lil' Jay, on the track,n_gga, and you already know, It's ya boy Lil' Scrappy
we finna have the whole mothaf_ckin world, rockin'in dis b_tchh,
look at shawty check her out.

I like the way she rock her hips,
then wave and sip
She rock her hips then wave and sip
She rock her hips, she rock her hips,
she rock her hips,then wave and sip

I like it when she rock her hips, then take it low
she grab the towel, and wipe the pole O'
shawty got it goin' on, its just me and her and i'm in my zone
god damn check out her rack
shawty got a fat ass, watch her throw that sh_t back
say she sweet like snacks, let you put her on the track
everyday you eatin' lucnh, countin motherf_ckin stacks

Now, I got 32 flavors of that bootylicious bubblegum
Raspberry, grape,cherry,come and
get this honey bun
Yummy-yum, baby,
Not your ordinary lady
Known to drive a n_gga, crazy, Willie Wonka wanna pay me
On the daily, off the hizzle, rock my hips and shake my skittles
Soda popping , watch it sizzle, man this chick right here's the shizzle
Smoking on the hottest drizzle, wanna taste it just a little
Rock my hips, then, make it wiggle
Waving sipping in the bizzle


I like it when she show me she can rock it,
roll it, drop it to the floor
Bouncing slow, shawties, all pro, that's the way to go
jello booty-ooey got a n_gga glancing
every time that ass react
I thought I saw a putty cat
Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie dat bankhead don't act on a pimp
You got me enticed by the way you rock dem hips
You's a trip, girl, doin' all dem tricks that's what's up
I like dat sh_t a lot
Come and holla at a thug

A-towns finest I'm the top-notch glamour chick
Tell me, if I throw it at chu,baby, can you handle it
cause the causin' rushin', if a hatta wonna run dey lip
Step up in da club and have dem whisperin' 'goddamn she thick'
Take it to the bar
Hypnotic and Hennesy is on my list
Seductively moving my body now watch me rock my hips
Take a sip of the goose, I'm lookin' good and livin' lavish
Big Boi pimpin poppin and dippin
Now tell me I'm not the baddest

Look at them hips
I like how she rock it
She bend the thing over, and to the ground she go droping
And poping it hard as she can
Got me hard in the pants
Because she all in her stanze,
doing her mothaf_cking dance, man (A)
Look, little but & cute in the face
She rock her hips to the bass, she take a sip then she wave and wanna get wit' Lil' Jay
After the dance on that pole
I pull my cash so quick and fast when that ass hit the floor

repeat chorus

I walk in the club and she rockin and shakin i want to take her to the house...where playa stop breakin her motherf_cken back like a playa suppose goddamn lil buddy touch your toes goddamn lil buddy take off your clothes and let me see that apple bottom and that brown booty hole shawty slide up and down that pole in the VIP thats how its muthaf_ckin goes


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