Quick Thought - Cupcakke

I feel like getting ignant '
Why I say ignant'? Ignant'
Ignorant, ignat'
Ignorant, ignat'
Ignorant, ignat
Whatever the f_ck do you call it
Whatever the f_ck do you call it
Ay, lemme stop playing...

Cash or credit I take both
I get dirty money might need soap
Summertime still a cold world so I walk around in a peacoat
Don't interfere with my gangsta
Saw mo' money than a banker
Ain't no therapy for my anger
Cause I'll put the therapist in danger
Original b_tch, who don't take no one sh_t
If them n_ggas start buggin' I raid they sh_t
In other words I spray they sh_t, whip a b_tch ass I Nae Nae sh_t
I catch a confession I am the connection
I'm bodying n_ggas just out of perfection
Witness protection should be his direction
Known to cut up like a f_cking C-Section

(Ouu) Quick thought, (Ouu) quick thought
I should take a n_gga chips then dip off
Matter fact take a n_gga chips with a dip sauce
If a n_gga talk take his lip off, shine on hoes like lip gloss
Trigger happy when I let the clip off
R.I.P that n_gga like a rip off
F_ck back and forth like a swing, cause I don't talk I just swing
Bars doper than Charlie Sheen, couple shots you gone lean
Not talking liquor slowmo I'm gone snap like a f_cking photo
Rich neighbors gone call the popo, like "Oh my God, oh no!"

That's what happen when you f_ck with a goon
The Draco go loony more than Looney Toons
Up in the sky all you see is balloons
12 more opps we can link up at noon
Drawing on ya'll but not into graffitti
Never argue with someone who beneath me
You got Yeezys but them b_tches look sleepy
Tired ass f_ck from you wearing them weekly
Dirty little broad in a dirty bra, bet a mill that you not going far
But to the car for a cigarette, glove department might live a rat
Hoes breath stank need they liver check
Gotta watch hoes I need a sitter check
Why worry now when I been a threat?
Since a shorty getting drunk off Similac
Ruger Ruger Ruger riding with me in a Uber
If I smell something fishy on the opps
I'm a take they bread and make tuna
I shoot like a trained shooter strip a n_gga naked like Hooters
Rug covered up in blood leaking thru the floor let me call Luna
I'm a handful so use both hands
These two hands will kill both mans
F_ck a yes man need a no man
I open more doors than a door man for these rappers, actors
These are real factors still haven't met no competition
Cause none of ya'll hoes matter
That makeup do not match yo skin tone
I'm wondering what the f_ck went wrong
That Yaki is older than flip phones
Don't take it out now it shoulda been gone
Work all day f_ck a shift, traffic all day like Lyft
Call me Emily Elizabeth I got a chopper bigger than Cliff

Walk in the park, this sh_t a walk in the park
B_tch you not hard, probably run from the sound of a fart
Walk in the park, this sh_t a walk in the park
B_tch you not hard, probably run from the sound of a fart
B_tch ass

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