Quiz - Cupcakke

Never lookin' at the cost
Money fillin' up the vault (Uh)
My word be the law (Uh)
B_tches scary like Saw (Uh-ahh!)
Let it be known, if a b_tch act grown
I'm coming strapped up like a bra (brrrah!)
She tried, but the b_tch failed
Like I forgot to put down the salt (Yeah!)
A 'hunnid on the eWay
Shotgun in the briefcase
Spill a b_tch brains, look like raspberry cheesecake (B-b-b-boom!)
I got so much money up on the line
I had to put that sh_t on three-way (Brrring!)
Up in your DM, ain't nobody buying (Hey!)
Now you sell p_ssy on eBay
B_tches ain't no sh_t (no!)
Sticky fingers, I'm slick (I'm slick!)
N_ggas claim that they charged up
But got a whole shortage in they d_ck (f_ck)
Check stubs look lit (What?)
Money double like Twix (it do)
F_ckers dunno who they wanna be
Like they're playing in the movie "Split"

The tea that I sip, it burn lip
Fly lil' b_tch with my name on a blimp
What the man know I'm hot, check temp (woo!)
B_tches be f_cking for a box of shrimp (okay!)
That could never be me
N_ggas thirsty, drink some Fiji
Wrist ice be so creamy
So we namin' this sh_t Edy's

How the f_ck your inches longer than your money?
(How? How? How? How?)
How you hittin' stains, with stains in your undies?
(How? How? How? How?)

Hoes claim they the realest
I'm like "Kill it, don't get me started"
Be the same b_tches that lie and
Blame it on other people like they farted (Stank ass!)
Uber pull through the drive-thru
I'm tryna get me some Popeyes
Bought like twenty wings
You would think I'm 'bout to split it with Five Guys (I'm hungry!)
Might buy the Uber man some, it depends on how the line fly
Or he could keep the 50 Cent change
Get rich or die tryin'
I get no days off
Your d_ck is way soft
My n_ggas droppin' them pounds off like they into weight loss (Woo!)
Ball hard, but I hate golf
Switch on me, that may cost
N_gga said he wanna see me but he's broke
Might as well be Ray Charles
'Cause you ain't seein' me
Don't give a f_ck who you be (no!)
Everything custom that you see
Made my jacket Spike Lee (dem spikes!)
Money all on the floor but I clean it off for your n_gga neat (Gimme that head)
I told him spell my name with his tongue
That's Akeelah and the Bee (Uhh!)

Giggity, giggity
B_tches is silly, gee
All of my enemies try to get rid of me
I got the victory, shotgun big as me
Watch your step 'cause the blood's so slippery
I'm that popular demand
Bet her p_ssy smell like ham
Got that money, Uncle Sam
Scam my n_gga like Joanne (Wooo!)

How the f_ck your inches longer than your money?
(How? How? How? How?)
How you hit it, stains, with stains in your undies?
(How? How? How? How?)

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