Spoiled Milk Titties - Cupcakke

Open legs, then the headboard break
Slow strokes while we listening to Drake (turn it up)
Keep going till a b_tch 'bout to faint (it's hot)
I'ma have you trickin' like a prank (oh)
Do you wanna see me play with it? (let me go)
It's like rapping on that d_ck 'cause I be spittin'
Hold the d_ck, I look like a midget
I love midgets but the d_ck need some inches (yeah)
Put a show on for your d_ck
I'm 'bout to f_ck you to the max, babe (hmm)
Front row seat is the p_ssy
And the bootyhole is the backstage
Let's f_ck on the ground, that's real dirty (dirty)
I'm reading your body, I'm nerdy (nerd)
This cat got nine lives so we got nine rounds
Until this p_ssy getting buried (buried)

Alter ego is a freak hoe
D_ck swimming like Finding Nemo
Bootyhole shaped like a zero (like a zero)
And the twat a upside down Dorito

Where's the laundry mat?
My pillow full of sweat
I even need a new mattress (mattress)
Half my clothes and the other half gone
Got me looking like a fraction (fraction)
P_ssy lips keep on flapping (it's flappin')
If the d_ck soft it's just snapping (it's snappin')
When I eat the d_ck I be slurping [slurp]
So when you eat this p_ssy, start smacking
Can't control it, got this p_ssy rollin'
No Chips Ahoy, but for them chips I'm hoe-in'
Lost my chopsticks, I'm careful when I hold it
'Cause my nails longer than the claws on Logan
P_ssy busy like a full schedule (schedule)
I bet this p_ssy make you settle (it will)
Drip cum spots on my face
So after 3:10 I got freckles

Mozarella stick
When I'm on the d_ck he cheesin'
Jack the d_ck off with my hand
Like shaking up some seasoning (yo like that)
Spread my ass cheeks out
While your d_ck is deep up in my ass (it's deep)
Face covered in cum
My mama thought it was a soap mask
Put it past my tongue, I wanna feel it on my lungs [cough]
That's the eggs in this p_ssy
'Cause I ate that egg full, yum (yum! yum!)
Daddy, I'm so numb (I'm numb)
Hurry up and cum (and cum)
Put a straw to that d_ck
This taste better than rum

Super pretty nipples
Shaped just like a nickle (they are)
See me in my birthday suit
They want it just like Ken Doll (yeah)
Look at me, no TV (no)
This rated R, not PG (it is)
I watch you f_ck my p_ssy
Ass and mouth, now that's the 3D (cinema)
This tongue kiss so harmless
Let me lick your armpits
My head game sick
Take me to CVS pharmacists [cough]
Relax me with massage
Park your d_ck in my garage (skrt)
Do not touch my booty hairs
Man, I'm feeling like Solange (oh, oh)
We 'bout to have sex all night 'till my back ache
I'm 'bout to back this ass up like back space (whoop)
Put the whole d_ck in, not half way
P_ssy drippin' on the floor, that's a pathway (need a janitor)
Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy
Is it a threesome? 'Cause I always sleep on my teddy
Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy
All you hear is [slurp] like I'm eating spaghetti

You beat up my walls and have no guilt (come here)
I'ma call Bob the Builder and get 'em rebuilt (build these p_ssy walls)
Papi throw up the money, not talkin' bout puke (throw it up, throw it up)
I like to keep these titties out, that's spoiled milk (all day, every day)

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