Toys "R" Us - Cupcakke

Blowing up my phone cause I got bomb p_ssy
I'm not from the hood I am from my mom p_ssy
I talk sh_t that's what I do, talk sh_t till my face blue
You doing good when they hate you
These b_tches kiddie like Babe Ruth
Comprehend I'm not yo friend I forever trend like Timberlands
I don't never count what I'm finna spend
My money right don't need a pen
Come out slaying with the hottest look
Make yo n_gga come out his pocketbook
It ain't a date just a dinner plate
These frog legs, such elite buffet
Back to the streets I gotta get me a buck
Condoms not needed cause, don't give a f_ck
My homies told me who they bout to rush
I won't say sh_t like the old movie hush
Cause I'm not no snitch but I am that b_tch
All because I'm in the light do not mean I'm gone switch
No my n_gga this is not a rental
You gone need a dental if you f_ck with me
Lay a n_gga down in the ground
If he really think he got one up on me
On the highway in my Jeeper creeper
Paid for this b_tch off straight features
If you ain't getting paid everyday like it's Friday
F_ck out my face like bye Felicia

Friday... Felicia... only real n_ggas get it, (yea, yea)
Let's get it

B_tches out here acting tough, I'm tryna ignore the fuss
Cause I don't play with people kids
B_tch this ain't Toys R Us (Nah)
B_tch this ain't Toys R Us (Nah)
I came up from the rough

The squad with me yeah we get paid
While ya'll b_tches looking pre-paid
No T-Pain but this tea will leave a n_gga in pain
With a migraine when I spill it
Anything I do I kill it, this Peruvian b_tch feel it
Fake hair but I'm the realest
I'm hard head you can't tell me nothing
I'm going in like a belly b_tton
And on every beat that I see just label it "RIP"
We only pals if it's PayPal or get the f_ck away from me
And to keep this sh_t G, I got more music than Glee
We got beef cause he got roast
And I got more power than ghost
And I got more ledges than soap
Cause I burn bread like toast
B_tch try it, bullets flying n_ggas dying now
You put that on God but you still lying, wow!
Sad case, goofy running in a fast pace
Looking like a track star knowing this yo last day
N_ggas already know what I'm about
What's the amount? Let me check yo account
I'm never lacking I change up my route
B_tches out looking for me like a scout

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