He's So Unusual (Live On Uncle Floyd Show) - Cyndi Lauper

You talk of sweeties
Bashful sweeties
Oo, I've got one of those
Oh, he's handsome as can be
But he worries me

He goes to college
And gathers knowledge
Oo, what that boy knows
He's up in his Latin and Greek
But in his chicing he's weak

Cause, when I want some loving
And I gotta have some loving
He says "Please! Stop it, please!"
He's so unusual!

And when I want some kissing,
And I gotta have some kissing,
He says "Please! Stop it, please!"
Oh, he's so different!

I know lots of boys who would be crazy over me
If they only had this fellow opportunity.
You know, I would let him pet me
But the darn fool, he doesn't let me!
'Cause he's so unusual that he drives me wild!


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