I Will Be Waiting - D Cru

I wanna love you like I'll never love you tonight, it feels alright
I wanna tell you thing I've never said in my life
I'm gonna hold you when the sun refuses to shine
I wanna show you that I'll always be by your side

Chorus :
When you call my name and you need me there
Girl you know that I will be waiting for you
When you close your eyes and you see me there
Don't you know that I will be waiting

I wanna kiss you like i'll never kiss you again, it feels ok
I can't imagine loving any other this way

[Chorus] x 2

So what you wanna do, I wanna embrace you
I know you like my style, so why don't you stay a while
And when you want me to, I'll wait for you

[Chorus] x 2

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