Party on - Damien Dempsey

Doing E, doing speed, doing c_caine
Mix it with alcohol and go insane
In the morning the edge of the knife
Where the hell is the bright side of life?
It's a farcical high for a few hours
Then you're blind and you can't see the bright flowers
For the light of a child and the glee
If you splurge then the law you'll agree
Turns you into a shell of what you used to be
All the weeks you're living in a fantasy
Fantasise about the party to come
Then your day-life just doesn't seem fun
I'm not telling you how to do your thing
I'm just laying down some facts about indulging
How the sh_t going 'round can become
Your controller, your dictator, your one

I'm giving it up I swear in the New Year..
No more of that for me, you'll see...
I'm going to be going straight I can't wait
Until this year is gone, party on..

Coming down on the ground in a small house
You're a man but you feel like a small mouse
Not so long ago you felt like a king
Someone give me psychiatrist a ring
We'll have no bread and feel feckin' brain-dead
All alone in a room full of E-heads
Feel so hollow and sickingly and worthless
There's no cure in the mosques or the churches
I met strangers who barely six hours ago
Were the best friends I thought I'd ever know
Now they're strangers again 'cos I'm down
And I won't say 'hello' if I see them in town

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