Talk About Love - Danielle Bradbery

We had a plan to get out of town and keep headin' east
Til we could see that moon sink into the carolina beach
I snuck out at ten o'clock, you were waitin' a couple blocks
Away in your car between your house and mine
We held hands and drove too fast
Took 5 hours and a tank of gas
But now we're here and all alone
I know we'll be dead when we get home, but

Talk about stars
Talk about hearts
Beatin' like the waves on the shoreline
Two names written in the sand
A long kiss and a slow dance
Talk about young
Talk about fun
Craziest thing we've ever done
Two kids caught up in this rush
Talk about love

Let's kick off our shoes, and run down to
That boardwalk
Jump that gate, hope and pray
We don't get caught
Can you believe we're finally here
Bare feet hangin' off the pier
I thought I'd seen it all tonight
But then you put your lips on mine, and

[Repeat chorus]

There ain't a chance we shouldn't take
Ain't a rule we wouldn't break
One boy, one girl
On the edge of the world

[Repeat chorus]

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