Creep - Dannii Minogue

you throw a look, I catch a stare
you?re checkin? me, up and down
temptations in the air
is it against the law, to wanna taste
a sexy boy, the heat is on
we?re really steamin? up this place

i?m hypnotized by what could be boy
crawl and?

creep up to me, take a deep drag of me
?till you?re high, I?ll make you fell so good inside
(lower, deeper, dam it?s getting hot)
(harder, sweeter, don?t you ever stop)
yah you creep up to me, like a shadow over me
cast your spell, it feels so good inside
(further, movin?, are you comin? up?)
(higher, sweeter, don?t you ever stop)

(Verse 2)
come on make a move
don?t resist
don?t tip toe round and around
you might as well dive in
it?s like we?re locked, and there?s no key
it?s a strange sensation
you really got a hold on me

(Repeat break)
(Repeat chorus X2)

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