It Won't Work Out - Dannii Minogue

(verse 1)
Hold me ?cos this is the ending
I?m bruising, from fighting
Against the tide
Tell me
Where are we as lovers
In transit, in trouble
In silence now

you don?t know what love is
I can?t salvage what has gone
I?m escapin? now

?cos it won?t work out, no sign of love
it?s been creepin? up on us
and it won?t work out, it?s over now
guess I need a little more
?cos it won?t work out
no sign of love
not the way I had you down
and it won?t work out, it?s over now
I?m escapin? love

(Verse 2)
listen I don?t wanna hurt you
I?m running, too many
Tears have fallen here
I?m losin? my best brined
I?ve nothing, to give you
It?s over now

(Repeat Break)
(repeat Chorus x2)

Hold me, in silence, now

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