Bitch I'm Sexy - Dark Lotus

Do you wan't me?
Do you wan't me?
Cause I'm famous
I'm famous
Is that right?
That's right

Get tea bagged!
On your face!

[Jamie Madrox:]
B_tch I'm the sexiest killa you know
Come equiped with an axe and some love handles
Vampire out of the water, straight to land
Can a killa that you know f_ck you better than I can?
If you say that they could b_tch, you's a lie
You must of never had a juggalo between your thighs
Didn't like the fat kid that was cutting your lawn
Now your giving head shots for your favorite song

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
So b_tch you think I'm se-xy
And you want my wi-lly
Then you best expect me
To slap you in your fu-cking mouth
Oh that's right b_tch you like killas in disguise
Sure I'll f_ck, but don't expect to loose a lot
I'll make sweet love to the neden of a juggalette
A fake b_tch out for props gets her neck wet

Baby am I se-xy
Tell me am I se-xy
Baby am I se-xy
Tell me am I se-xy
Baby am I se-xy
Tell me am I se-xy
Baby am I se-xy
Tell me am I se-xy

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
What up young b_tch, I know you like d_ck
Drop to your knees and tell me what you think
As my d_ck slides up, in and out your face
11 years dead punk b_tch f_ck b_tch how it taste?
Lay your ass down and close your eyes
Imagine dead d_ck between your thighs
Can't nobody do it quite like this
I might be dead but I'm sexy b_tch!

[Monoxide Child:]
B_tch I can't front, in the days of no pain
I still had the game to put your face on fame
Monox' boogy in this b_tch with my d_ck all hard
Face f_cking all you hoes be my only truck card
B_tch, you can kick it with the punk next door
But when you see me, ain't no talking cause we be f_cking on the floor
And all the fronting sh_t gots to go
I'm on the hunt for that freak nasty b_tch from head to toe


[Violent J:]
B_tch ain't I sexy
Wanna take a ride in my lexi?
Well I ain't got a lexi
I got a taxi
Get the f_ck in it
Floor it and pay for it
B_tch we the Dark Lotus six
We don't like richie ass groupy chicks
I never got neden before I was famous
Bounce, or get my foot your anus
B_tch you think it's all song and dance
I'm a bust your head if you don't come out of those pants
You don't get to chose us or take your pick
You'll be lucky if you get to s_ck squezy d_ck
B_tch I'm sexy take off my shirt
What's that all on my back, dirt
Don, down and dirty be the Violent J
And the motherf_cking lotus pod be the hide away
B_tch show a juggalette respect
You don't wanna tussle with a down ninjette
Life ain't nothing but b_tches and money
And I ain't got either one, so get the f_ck on


That's right look at this bullsh_t
Cause that's just what it is, bulllll.......sh_t b_tch!
You better s_ck my d_ck till my balls get wet

Hey yo Marz,
You never was Lotus and you know this b_tch!!

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