Round And Round (c Berry) - David Bowie

Well, the joint was rockin',
goin' round 'n' round
Yeah, reelin' and a-rockin',
what a crazy sound
Well, they never stopped rockin'
'til the moon went down

Well they sound so sweet,
I had to take me a chance
I rose out of my seat
and had to dance
Started movin' my feet
and clappin' my hands

Yeah, we kept on rockin',

About twelve o'clock,
oh-ah, the place was packed
Front doo' was locked
I said the place was packed
When the police knocked
those doors flew back

But it kept on rockin',

About twelve o'clock
Oh, can I dub that?
Well, the doors were locked
Said the place was packed
Ha, the police knocked
Those doors flew back

But it kept on rockin',
Well, it kept on rockin',

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