Made up My Mind - David Gray

Lightening strikes
And silver motorbikes
Are roaring down the open road
Wind on my skin
I'm hungry to begin
And my cup has overflowed
So let fall the rain
Down into these desert veins
I'm taking back what they stole
While there's diamonds in the mind
Can't afford to be continued
By someone else's pigeonhole

So I made up my mind
I made up my mind
Gonna move on ahead
Stead of lagging behind

Half past seven
And way up in the heaven
The stars are singing in the sky
Lying half dressed
Your head upon my breast
Listening to the oceans lullaby
Standing where we are
It seems so far
From the cold light of day
Where the faces full of grief
And the grinding of the teeth
Been eating my belief away

Cracks in the veneer
The light so severe
Shining down the avenue
Try to join the throng
But its feeling all wrong
What are you supposed to do
Shoulder that despair
Take a lung of dirty air
Turn to watch the sun set red
On the ruins of a culture
And a sky that's filled with vultures
Circling over your head

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