She Rides Away - David Nail

Sunset on a chapel, when I close my eyes I see her and she's prayin'
Ripples in the holy water, kneelin' in the light that is fadin'
Askin' for forgiveness 'cause she knows that it is me that she is breakin'

She rides on the edge of no tomorrow in a rusty El Camino
She flies as wild as the wind on the border of Laredo
She rides away
Questions in the dark
She rides away
Angel flyin' with my heart

Mystery surrounds her, she's the moonlight in the daylight, ain't no answer
Blacktop on the sand while the desert just goes on and on forever
She told me when I met her she would leave like it was written in red letters
Angel flyin' with my heart

Repeat Chorus

Angel flyin' with my heart

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