No Regrets - Death on Wednesday

We stand alone so patiently we take our time to smoke some cigarettes
We'll take a ride to go get high and if we die we know not to regret
Funny how this girl I knew never seemed to have a clue what I did with my friends
When she left I wondered why but that's all I felt inside
Pick her over my friends I would rather die
We used to take those walks girl we used to have those talks girl oh how you loved romance
But where were you last night when I was getting crazy with someone else's lady
And he pulled out a knife and tried to take my life you never paid attention session after session
You still couldn't understnad girl you know you drive me crazy
It's funny how that now we're through I still seem to think of you and where we could have been
Last night I took a drive all liquored up to heal my pride Cheers to all my friend who keep me alive

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