Stranded - Death on Wednesday

Here she comes spreading like disease she turns the hearts of men Like a child blinded and naive I follow her again Light a fire burn it bright to see beneath her perfect skin In her eyes there lies a beast destroys me from within

Burn me beat me stab me kill me take my heart and send it out to sea leave me stranded Wordly pleasures filtered sadness my veins fill with drunken madness pain of the broken hearted Show me know me please me need me can't you see I'm begging on my knees for attention

Glaring daring in the corner watching her I feel her shoulder cold for an angel And you know I've got to fight Got the madness in my eyes Cast your spell all over me little darling Break my heart again tonight

Here I come spreading on disease a whisper in the wind
If you're like a child blinded and naive don't follow me my friend
Light a fire burn it bright to see the pain I keep within
Cause in my mind there lies a beast that keeps me deep in sin

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