Revenge of the Nerds - Deftones

The f_cking stress got me callin
Bittin nails, braking out heads
I'm givin a real chance to stares
Your flow won't constrict them, but you squeze them
Constric them, sick what lift up in your fist
7 inches in your buck shot bloodclot
So what they do, the duce duce do da
Hot lead to your head, your body bled, urinating red
Pistole fled you're dead, you're dead

??gave us a bass start that sh_t was sleeping
Caught that b_tch sleepin knock their f_cking teeth in, their teeth in
Screaming about your life, I gives a f_ck less
A buckless at 23 my life is f_cked with
Ding bat and if your fools rips out mad stress carved to your chest
Get your pimped out fustration, overwhelimin, when I tell him, don't be stressin, cause you'll be havin to guess you stress me out

Keep it on
Here we go

In the corner I would draw as I ball
You cut your ?? wondering should I end it all?
Bullsh_t your entiere moves are solid
Holocaust got me pandin
Sh_t I wonder if I'm lost
Unfindled condition
I'm wishing that these people would stop pushing me to the point of submission
51, 50 I have my tempers f_cked up, looking like a cancer patent, my head done fell out
Maybe this is after shady like sun glasses, I got the right mind to put a few in they asses
Should I hang with a crew that ain't true?
They don't do the things that I do
So f_ck you

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