Hate of All Hatreds - Deicide

Hatred to the end of time; wishing death you soon will find
Finalize the travesty; what you are is less than me
Blood on your hand and lies on your breath
All you defile and all that you bled
Vanquished from sight with no meaning or need
Free of your filth and your vile disease
all will rejoice on the day of your death
No one to miss you or wish you the best
Hate of all hatreds and always will be; Conquering nothing; you'll never find peace

No matter where you go; within this world we live
Will save you from the emptiness or pain you're in
You have no heart
It's dead!
It won't happen again
My pestilence will follow you
Until the day you f_ckin' die!

Always forever your conscious will bleed
Buried in pity; obnoxious with greed
Every endeavor will fall on its face
No more of you and remove every trace
Blood lines are severed and cease to exist
Take your own life in a volatile fit
End of the rope in your circle of lies
Hanging yourself with a vicious design

It will be seen and the truth will be known
No more tomorrow for you or your throne
Stripped of your power and vanquished to death
Hate of all hatreds is all that is left.

Now and forever you'll never get me
Gone from your world and shall forever will be
Hate you with everything I am about
Leave you for dead and without any doubt
Live by your rule; who would want to?

Off with yourself to a life of disgrace
Go down a path until death you will face
Hate of all hatred encumbrance your soul
Hanging yourself has begun to unfold
No where inside you is anything seen
Empty to all and to all that you scheme
With no virtue; thou despise you
Recklessly doomed through my hatred consumed
I will not rest until you are entombed

My pestilence will follow you unto the day I watch you f_ckin' die

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