Crippler King - Delta Spirit

young Tom Gerald was found at the scene, with a gun in his hand, but one bullet still clean, when the cops arrived all the bodies stood frozen, young tom gerald and three of tom's corpses, born in the setting sun, raised in the texas heat, I'm the second born son of the crippler king, when the fuzz arrived they sounded our hero, tom hit the lights and jumped out the window, tom carved a note in the chest of "exhibit A," he said, "this one's the first but many shall pay," "what's to connect?" one detective did say, he said, "these guys are different... at least it seems that way!" but the press pushed the puzzle, "who is this crippler king?" folks got connection, people that need protection, a plot was devised to dethrone this crippler king, the cops were too late, tom gerald was in the ring, Tom held a gun stiff against the king's head and said, "the time has come for you to settle your debt, I was just a kid when you made me your victim, I got nothing left but hate for the system, you were a judge, but you knew no justice, you bought the law, but you couldn't buy God!"

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