My Dream - Delta Spirit

you can run but you cannot hide, pardon the freedom I took with my lines, and diagnosing my penmanship, were you aware I was ill equipped to deal with this? but where I lack is behind that smile, clearly your daddy taught you to be worth my wildest dreams, and dreaming on, I long to awake to feel with my legs and your legs as they shiver and shake, I will be true if you'll be true to me, my dream, your voice moves like some kinda jazz, all our childhood memories keep crossing these paths, all the connecting spots just seem way to vast, as the starry night is rolling past, I love to recall you taking a drink, what I give to you I know that you will keep, I smoke again as you fall asleep, what I felt in you so deeply, I will be true, if you'll be true to me, for you I would part the sea, for you every door opened according to your need, upon each puddle, a coat for thee, to step, for you I'll make every war end, I'll turn every enemy into my friend, I'll run to the front with a letter of your consent, for the world that never felt the peace I felt with you, well they simply must repent, I will be true, if you'll be true to me

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