Survival of The Fittest/it's a Jungle out There - Desaparecidos

He hides in his suit like
like a snake in the grass
his sales pitch fork tongue hissed
now the wolves wear their name tags they are hunting in packs
herding their prey up the aisles and back
they?re smiling
their teeth are showing
and the doctors and lawyers
like vultures descend
swoop down to the scene of the car accident
to pick the
victims to pieces
then theres the sly silver fox makes his money telescamming notch babies
he says the end is near
buy my policy
I?ll make you young again
I?ll make you young again

loan sharks will circle
til they kill that (?) in me
take the cash from my hand
hear the register sing
and the roar of the lion logo on the screen
he?s hungry
I should buy some popcorn
so I exit the dark
feeling blind in the sun
and the bobcats look tired
they ate their fill of asphalt
cause we need more parking
with so many up at the pulpit rams and bugs the news cameras capture guerilla warfare eagles into buildings crash landed despair is all that
there is now
in a cubical cage
that smells like a rat
whose smile gets bigger
along with your debt
don?t take it personal
its just business

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