Amazing Grace - Destiny's Child

This Is For You Ms Ann
Who Is Now With Our Heavenly Father
Who Made The Real Commandments

A Ma Zing Gra A A A Ace
How Sweet How Ow Sweet Sweet
The Sound The Sound
That Saved Saaaaved
Saved A Wretch A Wretch
Like Meeee
I Once Was Lo O Ost Lo O Ost
Lo O O O Ost Lo O O Ost
But Now But Now
I'm Found
What You Say Girl
But Now I'm Found
They Still Can't Feel You
But Now Ad Libs
I'm Found
Was Blind
But Now
I Seeeeeeeeee

Oooooooooh Ooooooooh
To The Melody Of Amazing Grace W/ Ad Libs From Beyonce

Twas Grace Hath Taught My Heart To Fear
And The Grace My Fears Relieved My Fears Relieved
How Precious Did That Grace Appear W/ad Libs
The Hour I First Believed W/ad Libs

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