Fish Paste - Die Antwoord

Uh, This one's dedicated to all, The haters out there
Jealous of us because, we're better than you
Yo Landi Vi$$er, Bring the Spice

Jou Ma Se poes in a fish paste jar
Jou Ma Se poes in a fish paste jar
Moenie kom kak praat nie my blaar
Yo Landi Vi$$er! Fresh in da flesh and da picture!
Jou Ma Se poes in a fish paste jar
He was the wrong ninja to f_ck wif!
Yo, I am the Ninja in charge over here (Wat?)
No fear when I scope a rhyme in your ear (F_ck)
With the wrong Ninja this time what's the matter you
Should've known better to f_ck with a Ninja with an attitude

I wasn't mad at you but now you're mad at me an jealous
Little stink poofy rappers like Anthony and Dennis
Lemme help to make you famous
Jesus but you rap kak
When you rap you actually sound like you're having a fat kak

Why you so obsessed with me? ohh

Jesus Christ you should see how these boys stalk me
Follow my every move like a sea-point moffie
F_ck you! And all your odd lyrics!
Ek Maak klaar met n spif quote from the liks

Yo, there's not a rapper out there who can touch me
If you don't believe me, run up and try to punch me


I hang with f_ckin coloreds cause I am a f_cking colored
If I wanna be a colored
My inner colored just wants to be discovered
Jou fokken naai skinner aan
Elke fokken poes is pienk aan die binnekant

Zed to the E to the motherf_ckin' F
One time! Lekker f_ckin' zef zef zef!
F_ck this poes in the skinny jeans
Joh maar jy's trendy
Soos n f_ckin kak jol by assembly

Why do I call myself a Ninja you ask me?
Cause my style's so motherf_ckin' nasty
Is ja!
Nothing you can say or do can harm me
Ek's kak f_ckin common, jy's n flou f_ckin laanie

F_ck with Die Antwoord you f_ck with the army!
Our fans are mal bergie
When they bite they don't let go
Like skraal staffies, ask Kyle Stafie
Kyle's momma is a big fat b_tch!


Yo, I'm the Ninja in charge
I can't even f_ckin believe my d_ck is so large
Make room! It's doom!
We lauch a full frontal assalt with the boom
Yo Landi Vi$$er rub the f_cking salt in the wound!

My Style is wild make you warp your faces
Got style comin out of all sorts of places
Raak Wys!
Ninja flex fresh
Ek's original boy, f_ck sweat X

Hey, Wie die fok is dit?

Spoek Mathambo is a spank rock look-a-like
Rap-a-like siff little parasite gah!
F_ck every one of your whack tracks
Marcus Wormstorm is short and fat

I represent the underdog you know my steez
I'm represented by a label in the overseas
Yo Amsterdam yes I am the man
Got the cash in hand and I'm splashing Rands

TPounds, Dollars, Yen Euros, I used to be a zero
Now I rap to the track like a super f_cken hero
Superninja's coming like a bullet
Leaping over buildings, waving at the children


I's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause Imma be a Ninja for life
Yo I'm a ninja he's a ninja she's a ninja we's a ninjas
Wouldn't you like to be a ninja too?

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