I Don't Dwank - Die Antwoord

[Group argument - Yolandi:]
F_ck dude, I'm so f_cking pissed off dude
You know that f_cking picture with the.. with the chick with the f_cking big tits and the American bikini?
Well Kim.. Kim f_cking sent a picture to her and she said "Love from.. Yolandi Visser, prawn"
She f_cking said.. I didn't say f_cking... I said

[Group argument - Hi-Tek:]
Ninja, Yolandi, f_ck bro
Like can you not drop f_cking, f_cking drop ash on my f_cking carpet
Well.. it's just.. f_ck
You just f_cking sh_t up when you come dude, let's just have some f_cking respect bro
Have some f_cking respect dude
I don't even like... I don't even like you guys smoking in here!
Hold on, no
Actually, you know what? I'm not gonna f_cking drop the f_cking beat
F_ck you guys

[Group argument - Ninja:]
Sorry dude, sorry..
Yeah, yeah, yeah, mmhm
It wasn't me dude, sorry dude
Okay, I'm not talking to yo- just, shsshh
Just, can't I just f_cking, just, drop the f_cking beat man!

[Verse 1 - Ninja:]
Okay, well then..
F_ck a beat!
Yo, I don't f_ck up or s_ck up to anyone
I wake up when I want, make our props, get paid out my asshole
My DJ's the mothaf_ckin' business
Every time he hits me with a beat I'm like Jesus!
I don't need anyone to help me
Dropped my record label I'm still very f_ckin' wealthy
Money's not a problem, cash flow healthy
Vodacom was too expensive so I switched to Cell C
I don't ask famous people for their picture
When you see me on the streets just, be cool with the Ninja
Don't lose your f_ckin' mind just say "Hi, how you feelin'?"
I'll say fine
Now stop freaking out and tweaking and start eating up my time
I don't hand people my f_cking demo
Plus I never used to
Just make a track and drop that sh_t on YouTube
Quit steppin' to me dwankin' out
Try to f_cking s_ck up
Just let your sh_t speak for itself and shut the f_ck up!

Yooo.. f_ck!
Drop the f_cking beat Hi-Tek
Drop the beat n_gga!

[Verse 2:]
Fuuuuck.. Jissis
Yolandi, hoy!

I don't dwank
I come make money
Plus I'm f_cking famous so I don't say sorry
Don't blame me girl go blame Anies
Yo get off my back he's the gangsta, I'm just a f_ckin' rat
I come from below, I run the show, rat's rule (Ya!)
You down to me, that's cool
You not down to me, what the f_ck's down witchu?
Brah, you got issues
My sh_t just so hot
And we won't stop 'til we f_ckin' go pop
Like a f_ckin' soap opera
When you so popular
Don't f_ck with little Miss Visser cause I'll f_ck you up
I don't care
What you f_ckin' think
Next time you try f_ckin' with me maybe stop and think
"Why the hell am I so bothered by this chick?"
Am I maybe jealous or just f_ckin' retarded

[Verse 3 - Ninja:]
I don't cue
I walk right through
You know who I f_ckin' am man
Who the f_ck are you?
When I'm in the club I get more chicks than I can manage
Grinding me front and back like a Ninja f_ckin' sandwich
So don't stress
Everything I do is so sex
My style is so sex
My smile is so sex
My baba's so fresh
My rhyme's are so next
Zef god with the spark might as well flex
Don't send mothaf_cka's "Please call me!"
I send mothaf_cka's airtime
By my f_ckin' stressed life
Me a little blessed life
Mama I don't lose
Betta' luck next time
S_cka's step back
You don't want to see Ninja snap
When I'm in South Africa I speak like I'm black
If you not a fan, why you keep coming back?
Exactly motherf_cka you bumping this track
You stupid (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid
You stupid mothaf_ckaaaaaa' (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid (I-I-I I don't dwank!)
You stupid
You stupid mothaf_ckaaaaaa'

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