Peanutbutter + Jelly - Die Antwoord

Yo, I was at the club just chilling and sh_t
And this pretty little mama, Alana, pick the paddy up
Outside, people smoking marijuana
Sweet talking anna, zero f_cking drama
I'm dressed fresh, got my best tracksuit on,
people be like, "Where'd you get that dope tracksuit from?"

Yo, every time I rock this sh_t people bug out, my tracksuit on, itchy and scratchy the f_ck out
All of the sudden there's a f_cking light in my face, dumb f_ck with the camera, right in my face
Dude's like, "look who's all up in the club with a onesie, look at me everybody I'm in a onesie"
This fat f_ck made talk all brave and sh_t
Obviously jealous on this f_cking hater sh_t

Cell phone in my face shouting loud as he can, so I snatched his f_cking cell phone out of his hand
His little video must look f_cking sick when I stuck his phone in my pants and rubbed it on my d_ck, uh, dude was dumbstruck handed the phone back to this dumb f_ck
Motherf_ck nearly had a heart attack, tripping out all disgusted, I'm holding his phone out but he doesn't want it back, it's like f_ck it, popped his phone back into his pocket

"What's wrong with you man, are you f_cking crazy?" I replied "Yes, totally f_cking crazy" gold teeth flashing, smiling, Alana, my little 'nana, trying to cool down the drama

"I'll f_ck you up man!" Tonight was a special night, now this fat f_ck was screaming, like you wanna fight, so I said, "You gon' bark all night, huh, little doggy? Or you gonna bite?"

Motherf_ck was still steaming, making a big scene, screaming, has to get himself kicked out
He just peanut b_tter and jealous, peanut b_tter and jelly, calling an uber with the smell of d_ck on his cellie

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