Rats Rule - Die Antwoord feat Jack Black

Rats, rats, everywhere you look
Everywhere you turn there's rats
Rats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographs
Rats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socks
Living in your living rooms, sleeping by your bedroom clocks
There must be a couple million and more are coming every day! Soon there could be a couple billion how will you make us go away?

Yo! Those dirty rats! They're ruining everything! There must be some way to get rid of them! Oh! Kill them with poison!

What? Shut up b_tch! Hou jou bek! We're going to f_ck you up! Fok alle kak rappers!
Yo we back with the R to the A to the T to the T to the R to the A to the P
When the rats wanna rap they say;
Yo! gimme that rat trap! Rat trap! Say it again?
Yo! gimme that rat trap! I'm a bad rat, not a good rat!
You catch me and you a hood rat! But actually, you never catch me, cause I'm a fast rat, I'm a fast rat
My accent is f_cking epic!
I'm happening, you a has been
Don't want me around when I snap back, don't point at me I'm an attack rat

I'm the dap strap, mother f_cking black rat, Yolandi's the back rat in the rat pack you spitting your fat rap, we're rolling with Jack Black, when the rap stap the people go clap clap, the club's always jam packed
Little sex rats you wanna get back stage to hang with the Zef rats
Little white rats, little black rats
Oh f_ck! What a dope b_tt, let me smack that, she giggly, wriggly, why? Cause I'm sniffing her ass crack
Yo what's half that?

Yo! Give me the mic or I snatch that, stab you in the back if you act whack, I'm a mad rat with a black GAT where the cash at?

Got a fat sack, weed in my back pack
Mother f_cker get [?]
Slap my hand!
Wanna get high man?
I wanna get spastic!

Aye, yo, that sh_t's f_ckin' rap sh_t, rap sh_t get that rat sh_t
Yo that sh_t's f_ckin' bat sh_t!

Rats rap over trap tracks
You got that track f_cking rat trap
We got next sh_t!
She about to get hectic! When we killing the fat cats making whack rap
Die! F_ck! Mother f_cker! That stupid f_ck!
No! Cut it out! Not my ass ninja, not in my ass, oh my

Rats are all that you can think of, the only thing that you discuss
You can try and find a rat solution but you'll never get rid of us
Rats, rats, you think that we're disgusting but actually we're really cool
Us rats, started in the gutter, but in the end the rats shall rule
In the end the rats shall rule!
Rats rule mother f_cker

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