Sex - Die Antwoord

[Hook - Yolandi Visser:]
Sea, Sex and Sun [x2]

[Verse 1 - Ninja:]
No photo's please, I'm having private time
Trying to f_ck around with Rhymes
It's cool yo, don't sweat it forget it
Just walk away or whatever, be a f_cking b_tch
I'm f_cking rich, I'm not sort of rich
I get bored of b_tches, yeah import a b_tch
(Is this sh_t really going down?)
Of course it is, about the time to freak the sorcerers
What's up baby yo, and away we go
We'll get there fast then we take it slow
I'm a hard mutha'f_cker with a tender soul
Don't give a f_ck but I've got a heart made of gold
I switch off, forget about my enemies
You stare at me, like you're not scared of me
Just absorb the mutha'f_cken energy
You and me, we can build a memory
And make ya' cum, then I'll make ya' cum some more
Harder than ya' ever f_cking cum before
Then just f_ck until you can't, f_ck until you
Can't f_ck no more, then f_ck some more
And get Raw

[Hook - Yolandi Visser:]
Sea, Sex and Sun [x4]

[Verse 2 - Yolandi Visser:]
Yolandi live a lekker life of luxury
Everybody know not to f_ck with me
Na na na not the boss of me
But if you love me, I'm loving you loving me
My style so hot Versace copy me
B_tch don't be f_cking with my bubbly
Do I like breaking rules? Possibly
But if you gonna do it then f_cking do it properly
I rap real cute with an ominous tone
LA with the weed and i wanna get stoned
Chilling like a motherf_cker puffing it slow
I pop it so f_ck it, I'm shopping at Rome
When I get home visiting my ugly boys
In the hood yeah they making big f_cking noise
Have fun with guns and a bum full of cum and love my bum, still with a little bit of

[Hook - Yolandi Visser:]
Sea, Sex and Sun [x4]

Hi-Tek,this beat is so sex

[Yolandi Visser:]
My style's so hot [x4]

[DJ Hi-Tek:]
Absorb... ma' energy [x6]

[Hook - Yolandi Visser:]
Sea, Sex and Sun [x6]

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