Strunk - Die Antwoord

Ah, love. lovey love love love love love love
Makes you feel so trippy!
Like you're stoned and drunk at the same time
Strunk! 24/7 baba

You make me feel like every day is Saturday my friend
Go to sleep, wake up it's Saturday again
I'm a busy man, I'm goin 'round the world
Got me f_cked up by the baddest pretty little girl
And all I really wanna do
Is get on a plane and come and visit you
Fly close to the sun jesus whats going on?

[Chorus x2:]
Oh my god I'm so strunk
Stone drunk. Oh f_ck
Help me lord I'm so strunk
F_cked up. Love drunk

I'm zoning out in my room all alone
Staring at the f_cking telephone
Is this for real or are you just playing games?
Haven't heard from you in three whole days
You told me you want me to be your girl
Look into my eyes and promise me the world
Tell me is this really true romance
Or are you just trying to get in my pants?
Party tonight everybody's goin' on tellin' me we gotta go
Just close the door switch off the light leave me alone I don't wanna f_cking go
F_ck your pinky promise playboy, cause you steal my heart and then you go
Just leave me so desperately lonely

[Chorus x2]

Love lifts you up like an eagle, baby girl
You're so cool, you're so nice you're so natural you're so sex
Love f_cks you up like an evil angel
You so cool, cool as ice but playboy you tell f_cking lies

[Chorus x2]

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