Ascent Through Clouds - Dirty Projectors

[Verse 1]

You're alone even though you're the same
As everyone with your ketchup left and you changeable flame
I go out for a walk
Back way through the fog to the moon with who I talk

I am so myself, I am no one else
You are one who helped me and took my help

I fly fluid and remade
Ascending through the clouds and joining the constellation
There was never more than now
Urge and urge again, newly took and new endowed

I am not contained
In my chest or in my brain
I am energy unconstrained

And even though I want to
I find it hard to stay
In constant contact
Sometimes I go away
Sometimes I go away

[Non-Lyrical Vocals]

Solitude becomes alienation
And leads you to togetherness

Pleasure slides into pain
And into pleasure again

Forgiveness, need, apology
Redemption and surrendering

Strangers become friends
And then strangers again

I become you and you become me
Suddenly we are not who we were

Passion and intellect combine
In human love:

Highest common denomination [Right]

The feeling of weariness
The slide in between pain and bliss

The surrender to forgiveness
The happy acceptance of a kiss


Of sadness

The river washing us away
Washing the garbage too and trash

Love and gratitude for the


One more chance maybe

To see the sun raise
[Non-Lyrical Vocals]

Even though I want to
I find it hard to stay in constant contact
I gotta go my own way

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