Outro On Ya Ass - Disturbing Tha Peace

Don't make me swang on ya b_tch ass
F_ck around and pull that thang on ya b_tch ass
Sh_t, I like to get to fightin witcha b_tch ass
Roll a blunt, get to lightin on yo' b_tch ass
Dealer baby, got a chrome on yo' b_tch ass
A.T.L. - I'm ridin home on yo' b_tch ass
You know me dog - just might stunt on yo' b_tch ass
Hell, later on my n_ggaz jump on yo' b_tch ass
And how we do it in the South on ya b_tch ass
Where n_ggaz pack and pull it out on yo' b_tch ass
Look, I'm quick to put the gator on ya b_tch ass
Flip the script and wear some gators on yo' b_tch ass
I take it back to the gate on yo' b_tch ass
Let n_ggaz seek and flip some weight on yo' b_tch ass
Bronson family some me love witcha b_tch ass
If you see me holla "Dog!" witcha b_tch ass
B_tch n_ggaz!

[cut-n-scratched: "Tity Boi"]

[Tity Boi]
I'm drinkin Cartier with my slick ass
Sh_t I was born to be a playa with my slick ass
Yo, you know I got game with my slick ass
Give a b_tch a fake name with my slick ass
Yo, in case I need to creep with my slick ass
You know I might need a freak with my slick ass
I gave a cheese a whole week with my slick ass
I couldn't tell nobody but this beat with my slick ass
Yo, you see how I snap with my slick ass
Hold these, switch tracks with my slick ass
Yeah A-Town on the map with my slick ass
F_ck a pound, I gave 'em dap with my slick ass
Yo yo, I got mad with my slick ass
Two cars, one tag with my slick ass
Yo yo, we at them bad with my slick ass
So slick you need a cast for my slick ass - you might fall!

[cut-n-scratched: "Fate know what I'm talkin about"]

[Fate Wilson]
Oh he so adorably cute with his short ass
And he'll f_ck the sh_t up out you with his short ass
Don't get it wrong, that thing long for his short ass
Have you screamin "Ohh Lord!" with his short ass
Yeah, you know he on parole with his short ass
For stealin unattended hoes with his short ass
You gotta watch him, he's so cunning with his short ass
Spendin time of fittin hundreds with his short ass
Runnin with Tity he be in the trap for his short ass
Rollin off in big sacks with his short ass
His britches sag to his knees with his short ass
B_tch please! He a G for his short ass
He don't pay so he get in for free with his short ass
Stay reppin Godby, C.P. with his short ass
Stay rockin Burberry and Gucci with his short ass
Dough and jewelry shows and boobies
built to describe Lil' Fate's short ass

[cut-n-scratched: "I be that n_gga named Luda"]

Uh-huh, okay, uhh
Fresh off the scene on yo' puss ass
Big pocket full of green on yo' puss ass
So fresh and f_ckin clean on yo' puss ass
Hoes come and get like "DING!" on yo' puss ass
Dinner time! Snatch the keys off yo' puss ass
Start drivin with my knees on yo' puss ass
Look at how the Royce Rolls on yo' puss ass
Watchin out for pot-holes on yo' puss ass
I know that I'ma get mines on yo' puss ass
Ignorin every traffic sign on yo' puss ass
I'm still standin 5'8 on yo' puss ass
I'll increase the crime rate on yo' puss ass (whoo!)
Luda quick to just creep on yo' puss ass
Then turn around and take a leak on yo' puss ass
God damnit, we'll cut the breaks off yo' puss ass
Then do a show on Ricki Lake on yo' puss ass
P_ssy n_gga!

[cut-n-scratched: "Disturbin' Tha Peace"]

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