Driving with Nowhere to Go - Dizzee Rascal

[Verse 1:]
Wake up in the morning,
For another average day
I've got plans to spend my hours,
In another average way
I'll get ready, eat my breakfast,
Call my average ghetto friends
For another average ghetto situation in the end,
But it seems I needn't bother
I can hear my mobile ringin'
'Sin my bedroom- "What you want?"
"Nuffin' blood, I'm just chillin'. What you want?"
"Nuffin' either, ain't you got no links or nuttin'?"
"Na but get me from my yard,
"We'll find some on da roads or sum'in'."

Drive that motor fulla smoke
And the smell stickin' to my clothes
I'm broke and everybody knows
I'm drivin' with nowhere to go
It's clear that I'm puttin' on a show
Waitin' for the day that I'll blow
'Til then you can catch me on the roads
Drivin' with nowhere to go

[Verse 2:]
Now we're in the motor,
And we're driving five up
And I'm seriously hoping,
That the feds don't drive up
If they do they'll smell the smoke,
And find some objects made for hurtin'
And some brown and some white,
Cause I know my?'s working
Plus they'll know this car is stolen,
And that ain't no lucky guess
Cos' there's no one sittin' in it,
Ever passed the drivin' test
TDA - joy ridin' -
Just anotha common number
But if flashing lights appear,
I'm the first to do a runner


[Verse 3:]
Now I'm drawin' on da zoo,
And I'm feeling all mong
We've been drivin' for a while,
I don't know how long
But I'll tell you this for free,
I ain't even tryin' to talk
And for now I'm feelin' thankful,
That I haven' got to walk

Anyway, we're just cruisin'
In the same ol' places
In the same ol' manner
With the same ol' faces
Where the same old p'lice
Give the same ol' chases
And I can't see change
'Cause there ain't no traces


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