Big Boy Talk - DJ Khaled feat Jeezy & Rick Ross

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Special Cloth Alert
DJ Khaled

Still playin' with them Ms
Thinkin' like a felon
Hope Shakir Stewart see me ballin' down from Heaven
See me ballin' down from Heaven
All I know is all these rap n_ggas
Dry snitching snitchin' and tellin'
That work don't even come like that
The f_ck is you sellin?
I gave you n_ggas a whole lane, a whole lane
That better than me fronting' a n_gga the whole thing
And where I'm from they know I'm the truth
Just bein' honest
You n_ggas better pay all your taxes
Plus some homage

I'm in the white chinchilla
Five hunnid in the back, n_gga
Ain't nobody iller
Do it for the streets and the slums
From which I came
Got the same wounds, the same scars
They feel my pain

Love this money-making like Mitch, can't leave the game
The only thing that get us excited, money and 'caine
I don't know about the rest, just a legend in the flesh
And when it comes to this here, I'm the muthaf_ckin' best

I can work four pots at a time
B_tch, I'm a robot
The only thing keep crossin' my mind
"I hope the door locked"
F_ck n_ggas hatin', they fake, they can't relate
Twenty seasons straight, no stain, let's call it fate
Jack boys runnin' your sh_t, you give, they take
You lead with your grind and your life, you're good, you're great
Paint a picture so vivid it should be in a museum
That's probably why my new house lookin' like a colosseum
I'm borderline brilliant
Other half ignant
That mean I kill a p_ssy n_gga, get away with it
Last time I got a order, n_gga got a sleigh with it, snow
(Snow, snow)
(It's the biggest) (Maybach Music)

All-black hoodie, just like I'm Trayvon
I'm around my lil homies until my day's gone
I'ma bond out my whoadies just like I pray for 'em
I'ma take care of they lawyers until the case gone
Half of these n_ggas singing like Trey Songz
Half of my kilos insured by State Farm
N_ggas doin' hits for free, don't even pay for 'em
Twistin' up expensive weed, wait at LA for it
Do it for dollars, not for the decimals
You n_ggas headline the Fyre festivals
Your go-to jeweler unethical
The sh_t you smokin' is smellin' skeptical
Uh, much richer than I last was
You can tell by the laugh, cuz
Double-M, the money machines (Maybach Music)
You rock with boss, no one in between, uh

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