Bitches & Bottles (Let's Get It Started) - DJ Khaled feat Lil Wayne, T.I. and Future

[Hook: Future]
Let's get it started, let's go dumb and retarded
Let's get high as we wanna, let's go and burn up a forest
Better load up the cartridge, get the car it's inside it
Let's put some ice on your watches and designer on your body
Let's order b_tches and bottles, b_tches and bottles
B_tches and bottles, let's order b_tches and bottles
B_tches and bottles, b_tches and bottles
B_tches and bottles, let's get it started

[Verse 1: T.I.]
I'm turned up till my knob broke say turn down I say nah ho
My neck rocky like Balboa, my watch official, it's uncalled for
In the same regions on all floors, I got six sl_ts on all fours
They french kiss and say bonjour I got my own shine but I won't show
I'm stupid rich got stupid b_tches, who stupid thick in Louboutin
Don't like me, f_ck you again, wanna fight me well come do it then
Right hand to God on everything I see the hearts of men and they bear lame
I won't entertain no punk sh_t, they talk sh_t and I run sh_t
Boy you tryin' to get what I been here, headed down for like 10 years
I'm gettin' it in til it's unreal, let's say one album, like ten mill
Plus my swag is stupid low IQ (gone) hurt n_gga feelin', I don't try to
But when you ballin' like I do, you know something n_gga, don't like you


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
It's Tunechi, you b_tch you, I like sticky weed and sticky p_ssy
Sittin' on like a hundred mil, I treat that sh_t like whoopie cushion
Ballin' on them f_ck n_ggas, they on the bench I bench press em'
They hating, from the sidelines, they pissed off, piss test em'
Man I'm on that lean, liquor for the b_tches
Whom f_ckin' wit me? all I hear is crickets
I got stank up in my swisher, my b_tch p_ssy smell like roses
She on that Molly, I'm on that Mary, I'm on that Mary like Joseph
Man I'm married to this sh_t, you can call it Sh_t Carter
D_ck stay up like it got insomnia
All them n_ggas hatin, f_ck ya in ya p_ssy
The best things in life are free, free my n_gga Boosie, gone

[Hook x2]

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