Fuck The Other Side - DJ Khaled feat The Dunk Ryders, Trick Daddy

I'm on my way n_gga
F_ck the otha side
That side ain't sh_t
N_ggas can't f_ck with me

Now It's a Special way I fold my flag
And I'll bust ya head if it's bout dat cash
Give me a d_ckey I don't need that outfit (hol up)
A 305 fitted jus to match my kicks (hol up)
Cause b_tch I'm Alive

[Verse 1:]
Yeah and I can't even lie
You can tell by my red ass eyes that I'm high
I'm doin' sign language, Screamin f_ck the other side
Flawgin' ass n_ggas ain't nuttin but some liars
We beat n_ggas have b_tches like god
Them boys in that all black wild
Mouths get wide
An b_tches get dumb
And bodies gettin lef in the middle a da club
And yeah we love dro
More den any otha hoe
Guns standin from the ceilin to the mothaf_ckin flo'
An we get it an we go it's like we get it from da sto'
Leave it in the weight house with a d_ckey full a blow (My N_gga)


F_ck The Other Side
And I'll say it twice, F_ck The other Side
We in this b_tch deep smellin like a pound
And if you really want it you can get it right now

[Verse 2:]
Now everybody like why you do it like that
Why the hell every day you be in that all black
Fresh Pair of J's and you kno they all black
Still posted in the hood with my dawgs countin stacks
This Sh_t ain't nothin new, they know how I do it homes
Seven tre (73) Big body sittin on chrome
Hood On Swole, Everybody on lean
I'm Smokin on Dro with a Hoodrat B_tch
Goons on the line and they ain't got sh_t
But we good over here, tell em get like this
Standin in the trap with my lil' young jits
Gettin off sacks, what you know about this Bout This


[Verse 3:]
Yo you don't really want it, cause you can really get it
You can catch me in that d_ckie or that 305 fitted
I ain't worried bout a busta, I Ain't worried bout a hoe
If a n_gga try me than I'm gonna kill that mothaf_cka
F_ck the other side, I ain't gotta say it twice
All I do is say it once and my n_ggas on point
And Then you see them black flags, turn into them black masks
N_ggas pullin' choppas out,
like they off in baghdad put em in a black bag go
and get ya check cashed if ya yell at anybody
ya might get ya neck slashed now there's a special
I hold my mack yeah yo there's a special way I fold my cash

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