Hold You Down (Remix) - DJ Khaled feat Ace Hood, Fabolous, Rick Ross & Usher

[Intro - Usher (DJ Khaled):]
I'll hold you remix (this the remix)
I'll hold you remix
You are, you are
Be sure you got a rider beside you to hold you down

[Verse 1 - Usher:]
I'll hold you down, I'm on my way
My mama told me (you are) make sure you got a rider beside you
Even if you ain't have all the money, fame and the power
So I found her, fly sh_t, I jump up out her
I pick her low valley, she rock with me, it don't matter

[Hook - Usher:]
There goes my baby
Together we're better, you're a breath of fresh air
Hold this ready and I'm round
You hold me down, I'mma hold you down

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
I'mma get money, n_gga, smell it on my gear
Black bottle, boy, baller hood billionaire
Boots in the mud, now it's marble floors
Staircases to the roof look like it's heaven's door
Said a prayer for my woes who be dead and gone
How could I let you down if you never hit the phone?
Then they gave him all his money, make you go insane
We f_cked the game, she said she knew that I would never change
Trap star, two bricks in the match box
Gold D's, fat boy, peanut b_tter top
I wanna spend a night with Jessica White
But is a dopeboy really Jessica type?


[Bridge - Usher:]
I'll hold you remix (I'll hold you, I'll hold you)
I'll hold you remix now
I'm on my way to hold you down

[Verse 3 - Fabolous:]
(We the best
Yeah, we the best at holding it down)
She said he don't hold her down right
Some day she'll be done with him
I say there's 7 days in the week, some day ain't one of them
You gotta know your work, baby, don't give 'em no discount
All of mine are dime, you see a nine, it was a miscount
And I'm the one to tell a b_tch to bounce
I'm the one who getting this amount
I'm the one with this foreign sh_t
Name still getting mispronounced
Hold up, who you held down? When you ever put bail down?
I'mma keep picking money up like the motherf_cker fell down
It's an us versus y'all thing, we a small gang
Just the two of us, baby, but we all bang
Bang, bang, bang like what set you claim
And when they asked me that, baby, you know I said your name



[Verse 4 - Ace Hood:]
Keys to the whip, key to the mansion
I f_ck you while counting money, I'm just that romantic
See we be Bonnie and Clyde and I keep that heat like Adonis
And if it ever go down I know you won't snitch to your honor
That's why you draped in designer, Chanel and all kind of sh_t
She with the realest and all 'em lames are too counterfeit
It's been a long time and she's still holding me down
(This the remix)
Nevermind the hoes I've been f_cking with that's out of town (let's ride)
I done been through hell, had ups and downs
But in the long run still here
I apologize for when I be talking that freak sh_t in the air
She still moaning, I know you want it, I go to switching that gear
On everything, she never changed for real
That's why


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