I'm on - DJ Khaled feat Nas

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
The season has returned
We global now, we global
We international now, international

[Verse 1: Nas]
Money fall out the sky when I speak
Got a valet, can't leave mine out in these streets
Can't carpool, the crew is too deep
Why tuck it all in? The jewels are too sweet
You should ball if you could
I be diggin in my pockets, it ain't trickin if you got it
And since a n_gga from the projects
Champagne out of a can would be the fly sh_t
And I'm a history maker, hood motivational speaker
Rap Led Zeppelin, best-dressed list
Show you how to bubble off of large investments
Ya heard me, and this journey, I'm the journalist
Line around the block to hear the words of the herbalist
Send ya girl to the Dominicans to perm her sh_t
Tell her tonight, we gonna see Nas return to his murder sh_t

[Hook: Nas (DJ Khaled)]
It's still Nasty, raw in the flesh
God's Son, never gone, never left
King, I played every card in the deck
The whole world waitin for what I'ma do next
And y'all already know where I came from
Queensbridge repper since day one
N_gga, I'm on! (Come on!)
I'm on! (Come on!)
I'm on! (Come on!)
I'm on! (Nasir!)
Come on!

[Chorus: Cool]
Out of the shadows, into the light
I have the power to take back what's mine
(Can't hide, can't hide)
We have the power
(Alive, it's so fine to be alive)
We are the light

[Verse 2: Nas]
I'm God's hit man, Chopard wristband
New York crown jewel, no if-and's, top five
I'm the one, two, three, four and the fifth man
Smoke a hookah in Istanbul, I'm quicksand
I'm five mics, five points of light
Hit the stage like a meteorite
They wanna all hear Ether tonight, but we ain't beefin tonight
That's history, so now when you mention me
Say I'm a mystery like six degrees
Or the seven hills of Sicily, I need a vasectomy
They resurrected me but nothin is left for me
Just when you thought you'd seen the best of me
I take it a notch higher, yeah
Sip more wine than a Somalian
Get around town in a private Lear
And by sun down, I'm up out of here



[Verse 3: Nas]
Power, paper, palace is so high
Lookin over skyscrapers, wildin out in Dubai
Do I look like I never seen the better things?
Emerald ring, I chase cheddar mean
Pockets on swole since eighteen years old
Gettin my dough, cigars are hand-rolled
From Guantanamo, Gallardos, the car shows
The Narcos, Gestapos, Optimos
Cause I love the dough more than you know
Still ain't reached the pinnacle
Braveheart general since nine-fo'
Got the belt to show, certified classic
Nine-six, Street Dreams was blastin
And no way they wanna hire assassins
They still harassin, I'm so platinum, it's natural
And n_gga is my acronym, lights, camera, actionin



N_gga, I'm on!
I'm on!
Come on!

[Outro: DJ Khaled]
We global now, we global
We international now, international

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