I'm Thuggin - DJ Khaled feat Waka Flocka Flame, Ace Hood

[DJ Khaled:]
Yeah, DJ Khaled
Mean Mug Music
Waka Flocka
Ace Hood
This Gon' F_ck The Streets Up
This Gon' F_ck The Clubs Up

Police kicked my door in shawty last night
I'll Be Damned If I Don't Go Out With A Fight
My Girlfriend Says She Needs Some New Shoes And A Bag
I Told Her Shut The F_ck Up And Get Off Yo Ass

I'm Thuggin' [x4]
Middle Fingers To The Cops And The Judge
Raised by the old n_ggas, just mean mug

God Bless A N_gga So B_tch I'm Out Here
Wear The Wrong Color You Can't Come Around Here
So Get Your Mind Right And Your Pistol Close
Hoppin' Out That Ride Into Your Place Like A Seminal
All My N_ggas They Thuggin'
My Lil Cousin Got His Chopper Chrome
Any N_ggas Want Problems Take Your Top Off Block The Metrodome
It'll Make A Loud Noise Sound Like It's World War
Never Break A Sweat That's What Them Killers For
I Get Money Hoe, On Some Real Sh_t
Deck Of Hundreds On Me
That's Just What I Deal With
Waka Thorped Out And We The Business
See Me Off To H.A.M. I Bet Your N_ggas Deal Quick
Mama Pray For Me, Commit A Lot Of Sins
And It Don't Make It Better Consumin' A Lot Of Gin
Blood, Sweat And Tears I Pour My Soul Out
Smell The Flowers B_tch I Might Just Pull A Rose Out


A Young N_gga F_cking Bucking With His Treads Loose
Middle Finger All The Fans Cause I Said To
Now Where My G's At?
Now Where Them Dope Boys?
Now Where My N_ggas Who Be Thuggin' On The Corner Four?
Hands In The Air, Throw Your Hood Up
Hoppin' Out That 7 Tre, Them 6's When I Pull Up
Now Where My Bad B_tches Who Keep Their Ass Phat?
I Love A B_tch Ain't Scared To Throw That Ass Back
And I Keep Them Real N_ggas
Homie That's A Fact
You A SuperDuck, I'm Talkin' Aflac
My N_gga Storped Out, Thorped Out
Stupid Treads In Them
Soles With Them Stone Mouth

Club stupid packed, it's a mad house
Catch you sniffin' by yourself, and then you assed out
And homie that's word, my n_ggas gon' learn
See that red in blue, I'm runnin' out my Converse


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