I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie - DJ Khaled feat Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I., Swizz Beatz & Diddy

[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
I've been waiting for a long time (how long)
Real damn long time (how long)
I've been waiting for a long time (how ya feel)

[Hook: Swizz Beatz]
I feel like Pac, I feel like Biggie
I'm feeling like these hating n_ggas waiting to get me
I'm losing my sleep, I'm losing my mind
You know I go hard when it comes to mine
I feel like Pac, Biggie, Pac, Biggie

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
S_cka walk up on me, talking like he know me
Ain't no co defendant do my dirt all by my lonely
Down south n_gga, talking jam pony
Rest in Peace to Uncle Al he showed me my first Rollie
B_tches want to know me, haters want to show me
But I'm so vicious double m worth eighty tickets
Cop just pulled me over, caught up in this thing
Take my case to trial, my juror Paula Deen
I know they hate a n_gga but he's such a major n_gga
Tell the clip the .40 when C.I.A. with us
305 them killas, Ricky Ross the richest
Bel- Air on my table, I talk it then I live it


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
All of you starve and I eat fast
Moussain when I creep past
Blacked out I max out with the same same watch on me chain
We killing n_ggas no repass my momma got like 3 Jags
You talkin' bout how you ball n_gga we really gettin' that street cash
Say old money, new work
Smell the caine on my new shirt
My old g said strap up and don't lay your head where you do dirt
And my momma said do school work
I was making that tool work
And n_ggas wanted me dead with a whole lot on my head
Man they hit Big in the passenger, hit Pac in the passenger
So I'm riding round with this Mac on me
And a bunch of shooters in back of us
Roll up and you a dead man
Head shot when we clapped ya
We sellin n_ggas to the murk em man, and I ain't talkin' bout Erica


[Verse 3: T.I.]
Feel like it's me against the world
Bury me a g
My middle finger to the world
I'm gon' forever be a g
P_ssy n_gga want a witness stay armed no Biggie
When we get busy no alarms just semis
We pour out a lil liquor throw it like straight ballers
We cradle to the grave ride when my homie call
Give a damn if you me [?] West P
When somebody gotta die, we gon' march to the steps
They said Brenda had a baby but she left it in the alley
One shot that playa hater now we going back to Cali
Hit the time n_gga I got a story to tell
My ambitions as a rider got me ready to die
And when we ride on no more paint we go hard as sh_t
Why you complaining and you wonder why we call you b_tch
It's an every day struggle n_gga me and my b_tch
It's unbelievable suicide I thought you would get
Said f_ck me warning and the gun don't blast
Give me the loot sorry n_gga one more chance
You know this sh_t don't stop
Keep these s_cker under pressure
Only god can judge me shawty I ain't mad at ya

[Bridge: T.I.]
Ya n_gga can't see me
A paid thug n_gga
That's why shawty wanna be me
See a kid around around in your town kick in your door
I feel like Pac and Biggie love the dough, more than you know


[Outro: Diddy]
Ey yo, how you gon' compare yourself to greatness
If you ain't ready to be great, man?
Ain't no more to it

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