I Wanna Be with You - DJ Khaled feat Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Future

[Intro: Future]
It ain't never me to ball on you (hustles)
I ain't never for me to spoil you (another one)
If I adore you (we the best music), I'm a give you that theory (DJ Khaled)

[Hook: Future]
I wanna be with you [8x]

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
I wanna be where the commas will be
But I need a hood n_gga with the llama degree
Get that limited edition, Audemar it could be
In a pivotal position, gotta pardon the fee
Cause he bought a couple bags and he sent a couple whips
And he took a couple trips, and there's dinner in the mix
And he's never with no other chick, fronting like he's slick
Cause it's levels to this sh_t and she could never be Nick
N_ggas be fallin' in love with this p_ssy
Mean stew chicken and baking a couple of cookies
D_ck on veteran, ain't f_cking with rookies
Shot a high school video, now he wanna play hooky
Baddest b_tch, I'm the catalyst
Ain't never been done, b_tch I added this
Nah I ain't gotta shoot, I got mad assists
'Bout to put a couple pieces on the mannequin
Got a big billboard out in Madison
At the Trump, and you b_tches at the Radisson
Got the .22 on me, and it's thin
Shoot movies, Jennifer Aniston

[Bridge: Nicki Minaj]
You decide you be mine, you can come inside
You the type that can make me prioritize
Hittin' my phone, it's alright
Hittin' my phone, it's alright
You reply, what's your sign? You're a Gemini.
You deny that you're shy, maybe we should slide?
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you, baby

[Hook: Future]
Balling on you too easy
Splurging on you too easy
Buying purses too easy
Paying bills too easy
I wanna be with you [8x]

Balling on you too easy
Splurging on you too easy
Buying cars too easy
Popping bottles too easy
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
Everything you do is brand new

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Make that bad b_tch my shorty
Hit the club, throw forty
My hat big like uh
My chain drip like water
Car paint like tar
I'mma sex her harder
B_tch let go my hand gave you the keys as soon as I bought it
Vroom, vroom, oh yeah
Big bank, I'm too real
My money right in them boys you with be dead broke, two years
Checked it, look her,
You ain't even know, big deal
On site, act right, I shop hard, pack light
That ho chick gets you no play, all I talk is c_caine
White tee and these rope chains, blow the roof back - Kurt Cobain
Phantom cost like four dollar, flo' seats, hoes holla
Underground with this pimp sh_t so smoke one for Port Arthur


[Outro: DJ Khaled]
Suffering from success
You witnessing greatness
I'm the best that ever did it
I wanna be with you

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